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19 June 2015 by Zoe Harrington

What is Content Marketing?

What is Content Marketing
The benefits of using Content Marketing.

Content Marketing is a term that is seen thrown around quite often these days. If you’re in the digital world, you almost can’t avoid seeing this term mentioned on a daily basis. But what exactly is Content Marketing and why is it so important?

Content Marketing has been around for many years, but with the increase in businesses and entrepreneurs joining the digital era, it’s becoming more and more prominent.

Many of us in this industry, as well as consumers, see traditional marketing such as radio and TV, decline – and this is the reason why we need Content Marketing. 

What does it entail? 

Simply put, Content Marketing needs to be part of your marketing strategy and it involves providing your consumers with creative and interesting information that still relates to your business and is relevant; while appealing to a specific audience.

In other words, what you want to do essentially is share interesting and relevant content with your customers without selling them products. The idea is to get your content to communicate with your customers and to engage with them, so that you actually use your content to market your business.

Content Marketing ultimately goes hand-in-hand with SEO, PPC and Social Media Marketing; as they form a part of your digital marketing strategy and strive to reach and engage with the right audience for your brand. By doing this, you have an effective way to grow your customer-base and keep them too. 

What are the benefits of using Content Marketing? 

The benefits of Content Marketing are huge and there are plenty of them. Each day, more and more news comes out about the benefits of using Content Marketing as a part of your overall marketing strategy, especially when it comes to digital 

As mentioned before, great content works with all the other marketing aspects such as Social Media Management, SEO and PPC. Content is king, after all, so it’s always vital to make sure it’s relevant and well-written.

Here are just five of the benefits of using Content Marketing: 

  1. It increases engagement. The better your content is written for your tailored audience, the more it will entice them and encourage them to want to engage. Achieve this by giving them interesting information about the industry you’re in, rather than only pushing to sell your products. An example would be if you have a home décor shop. Instead of always posting about your products for sale, write content relevant to your industry, such as a “How to Decorate your Home” article or “10 Tips to Transform your Kitchen”. These still stay relevant, but you’ll be educating and sharing information with your customers without being a sales person.
  1. It builds relationships with clients. Before there was Content Marketing, the only way customers would really be able to have a relationship with a brand was if they frequented the business. These days, however, thanks to Social Media and the Content Marketing that goes with it, it’s easy for people to not only engage with your brand, but to also build a relationship where they give their reviews, comment on your posts and genuinely become your biggest and most loyal supporters.
  1. It can increase sales. When it comes to PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising, your content will make or break your advert. With Google’s strict rules and character limitations when it comes to writing your text ads, you need to make sure you’re able to write something enticing and engaging. Your Content Marketing plays a major role in this; and the better your content and performance of your adverts, the more potential sales you will make.
  1. It increases brand awareness. As the digital world continues to grow, traditional advertising is becoming less noticed by consumers. Millions of people all over the world are accessing information via the internet; and this is where you should start growing your brand awareness. Paging through a magazine or newspaper and coming across an ad just doesn’t have that same effect anymore as online advertising and coming up in the search engine results does. So, through PPC, properly executed SEO and good content on your Social Media platforms, you will succeed in increasing your brand awareness much more than the now traditional methods.
  1. It is cheaper and extremely effective. Compared to the costs of traditional advertising and getting your brand “out there”, such as on radio or TV, the use of Content Marketing will save you plenty of cash and potentially give you a much wider and bigger reach. Even better, you can target a specific audience. With the correct content and the correct audience, your website, adverts and social media accounts will reach people who are actively interested in your brand or your products. 

At Online Innovations, we offer Content Marketing as an overall service that accompanies our SEO, PPC and Social Media services. We have an experienced copywriter on our team who writes content for SEO, puts together effective adverts for PPC advertising and also creates and implements strategies for Social Media accounts of various clients.

If you’re interested in our Content Marketing service, give Bronwen a call or email her for some more information.

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