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Social Media Marketing and Management

House of York

In January 2014, Online Innovations took over House of York’s social media, managing their Facebook page, Twitter profile, and Pinterest account.

House of York a subsidiary of the Eveready brand was established in 1981 and provides wooden household products of the highest quality for your home and household needs. From practical kitchen accessories to household décor, gifts, laundry to toothpicks and skewers. 

Before we began, we drew up a strategy to follow for 2014 – for each month of the year. Once all was approved on their side, we went ahead and generated content for the blog and Facebook and Twitter updates to be posted throughout the months.

House of York is very focused on increasing Facebook Likes, brand awareness, and driving sales; and that is exactly what we achieved in 2014. When we began, their Likes were on 473. By the beginning of January 2015, their Likes were standing at 4340 – that’s an increase of 3847 Likes! With Facebook making it more and more difficult for companies to reach thousands of people’s news feeds, this is an excellent result.

When we took on this client’s social media, we had certain goals in place, particularly for their Facebook Page. Take a look at how we manage House of York’s social media:

  • Ensure the page is attractive and on brand by designing cover images, profile pictures and purchasing high-quality images. We also make sure to keep the images and artwork consistent throughout all of the social media platforms that House of York has.
  • Content is created in advance and approved before being placed on social media, this ensures that we are consistent and make use of quality and strategic content.
  • Increase engagement with House of York’s current audience and potential customers by using paid advertising where we target our audience through age, interests, and location.
  • Drive traffic to their website by writing blog articles each month which are shared on their social platforms. We also drive traffic to their product catalogue on their website by sharing links and images on social media.
  • Respond to queries, comments, and questions and encourage feedback with House of York’s online audience.
  • Implementation of competitions which we run on a monthly basis and 2-3 larger competitions to create a loyal social following and to help boost engagement. An example of our creative campaigns which we have run on social media for House of York is a Creative Inventors Competition where we encouraged fans to think creatively for a chance to win R2 000, by them designing, creating or telling us what product they would like House of York to manufacture for their home and kitchen.

How can Online Innovations help you?

Social Media plays a very important role in a brand's online success. At Online Innovations, we offer this as a professional service for our clients, by providing them with quality content, imagery, creativity and monthly reports to ensure that their expectations are fulfilled and that results are delivered!

Give Bronwen a call on  041 365 4919 or use our online chat facility.

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