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Blog Articles

15 July 20225 Key Elements of a Good Social Media Post

To keep up with current trends marketers have been forced to extend their marketing portfolio to include social media platforms. But these need to be utilised correctly to receive the full benefit. Here are some key features that make a social media post successful.

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22 June 2022Elon Musk Bought Twitter – Now What?

Twitter users alike are all cautiously optimistic about the future of the social media platform, what changes the new management will bring and how these changes will affect brand and user performance. While the future of Twitter is currently uncertain, there are some speculated changes that have been brought to the public eyes.

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16 May 2022Facebook Reels: Everything You Need to Know

It is no big secret that the world has become consumed by TikTok. It was only a matter of time before Facebook stepped in with a competing offer to these quick-consumption videos which brings us to Facebook Reels. Here's all that you need to know about Facebook Reels.

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14 April 2022How to Make your Website More Secure

Website security breaches have increased by 11% from previously conducted assessments. Website security is no longer optional or a luxury, it is a necessity, especially for businesses involved in the handling of sensitive user information or that rely on online transactions for sales.

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18 March 20225 Reasons Why the Website Footer is Important for Website Performance

The website footer is often considered to be the ‘doorstop’ of the website. Despite the footer being at the end of every page, it often receives very little attention from web designers. Here are five ways that the website footer can enhance the overall performance and usability of your website.

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18 February 2022Tips for Successful Social Media Influencer Partnerships

Social media influencers are digital content creators that develop content on social media relating to various topics of interest. Recent research revealed that up to 75% of brands have allocated their digital marketing budgets towards influencer campaigns for the upcoming year.

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19 January 2022Digital Marketing Lessons We Learnt in 2021

As we take a look back at 2021 there is no doubt that it has, once again, been a challenging year for digital marketers around the globe. Let’s take a look at some of the digital marketing lessons that we have learned from the new challenges faced in 2021.

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15 December 20218 Tips for Handling Online Business Queries

Online platforms have made it easier to get in touch with the business using various online methods but are you handling these online queries correctly? Here are some tips for handling online business queries to help you out.

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