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2016 Blog Articles

Web design trends to shape web design
28 November 2016Website trends that will shape web design in 2017

Website design is an ever changing field and staying on top of trends can help your business flourish and set you apart from competitors. Impress the consumers of tomorrow by ensuring that your website is ready for 2017 by having a look at the website trends that will shape web design in 2017.

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22 November 2016What gets Googled more?

A frustratingly addictive game of higher or lower using Google searches.

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Create an Effective Social Media Strategy Today
06 September 2016Create an Effective Social Media Strategy Today!

Social media is more than simply posting on Facebook and other online platforms, and hoping for the best. Instead, it’s a marketing platform where a strong and strategic social media presence forms a critical part of the purchase decision-making process.

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5 ways to improve your content marketing strategy today
22 July 20165 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content is and still remains to be ‘king’, and as the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve rapidly, marketers need to ensure that they implement and invest in creating a content strategy that is creative, personal and unique, to help drive their brand towards success.

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Digital Marketing tips
25 February 2016Top 5 Step-by-Step reasons why you should invest in Digital Marketing Today

Digital marketing is a form of marketing that is continuing to grow as more and more businesses choose this option over traditional marketing. Take a look at why you should invest in it and how Online Innovations can help you.

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