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Business and Retail

The Matrix

The Matrix is comprised of a team of urban designers and architects based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The company’s team of talented and experienced staff adopt a holistic approach towards the built and natural environment and, in doing so, redefine urban areas and improve the quality of the living environment.

Online Innovations were responsible for executing the following:

  1. Look and Feel

Online Innovations were tasked with the new website’s look and feel, and communicated the design vision through a series a sample designs for the home, content, project listing and project detail pages. The design made use of large images to showcase the Matrix’s projects in the best possible way and highlight some of their best work to date.

  1. ‘Projects Listing’ Module

This module was developed to ensure that visitors can view a list of projects within the Matrix’s portfolio, with an option to select a project to access further information on that project. All projects were categorized, allowing the visitor to filter the list of projects by category. The administrator was also given full access to control which projects are displayed in the portfolio via a user-friendly administration interface.

  1. ‘News’ Module

The news module was developed to assist the Matrix with sharing the latest company and industry-related news articles. The module was developed in such a way that all articles could easily be added, edited, deleted or organised by the administrator in the Newsroom section of the administration interface.

  1. ‘Teams’ Module

Online Innovations were also responsible for developing the teams module which gives visitors comprehensive information on the Matrix’s staff. As with the projects listing and news modules, the administrator was given full autonomy to maintain the team members displayed on the website via the administration interface.

In addition to the above, Online Innovations were also responsible for:

  • Ensuring that the website is responsive so that all visitors receive a similar experience when visiting the website, no matter their device’s screen size or resolution.
  • Installing a plug-in which allowed the Matrix’s Instagram images to be displayed at the bottom of all content pages, thereby making website visitors aware of their Instagram profile and encouraging visitors to follow their Instagram account.
  • Installing an SSL certificate on the website.
  • Copying project data to the new portfolio module on the newly designed and developed website.
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