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28 November 2016 by Caroline Levey

Website trends that will shape web design in 2017

Web design trends to shape web design
Impress the consumers of tomorrow by ensuring that your website is ready for 2017

Website design is an ever changing field and staying on top of trends can help your business flourish and set you apart from competitors. Impress the consumers of tomorrow by ensuring that your website is ready for 2017 by having a look at the website trends that will shape web design in 2017.

Mobile first approach

Mobile devices are found to be the primary device for browsing the web, which has made brands realise the importance of having a site that effectively delivers content on a smaller screen. In 2017, more emphasis will be placed on creating a site for mobile first and then expand it to fit larger screened devices.

Importance of original imagery

Design trends are making more and more sites look and work in similar ways. One way brands will need to set themselves apart from competitors is by using their own imagery. Customers seek authenticity from brands and stock imagery of business men smiling and shaking hands just won’t cut it anymore.

Big and bold typography

Emphasis will be placed on using typography for making a statement, where big, bold type will be used as the center of attention. This will help play an increasingly important role in differentiating a brand from competitors and to bring life to your page.

Long scrolling intuitive 

With the large amount of different screen sizes available to users, designers have adopted the long scrolling intuitive which is seen to be more functional on mobile devices. Easier user experience is another important aspect which this scrolling provides as it makes navigation easier and eliminates the extra clicks necessary to reveal content.

Dynamic storytelling

A websites main aim is to connect businesses with their customers. Dynamic storytelling is a great way to interact with customers through the use of video, graphics, and text. This helps customers gain a better understanding of your brand and the people behind it. Giving customers a story behind a brand adds dimension and depth and helps you set yourself apart from competitors.

How can Online Innovations help you?

At Online Innovations, helping you craft a digital experience for your brand is what we do best! We are a creative digital marketing agency, specialising in graphic design and website development. Let us help you in 2017 by effectively developing and marketing your website and brand online, because, in a digitally run world, there’s no better time to think about your brand's future than right now. 

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