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All about the SERPs
01 November 2012Understanding the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)

As a business, you ideally want to appear above, if not at the top, of your competition on the search engine results pages (SERPs). We can help you achieve this through SEO and AdWords.

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Make your website appeal to Google
02 September 2012If your Website Appeals to People, it will Appeal to Google too

We have tips on social media optimisation for you so that Google can love your website as much as you do.

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Why Google Apps are important
27 July 2012Google Apps - A Must for Business

With years of experience, we can safely say that Google Apps is important as far as your online presence is concerned. Read all about why they are a must for business.

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Benefits of inbound linking
04 June 2012In-bound Linking from Mini-sites

Although Google gives a new domain name a short boost when first published, it is moved to the sandbox for a long period of time and websites need to earn back their spot. Read more here.

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Why infographics are important
10 May 2012Google and your Website

Google and your website are able to work hand in hand to get your website to the top if you do it properly. Learn more about this from our blog.

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Choose a good website address
15 April 2012What makes a Good Website Address?

When setting up a website or even visiting one, you want to know if it's worth your time. Take a look at the features that will help you identify what a good website is.

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Be social on social media
03 April 2012Be Social!

Read our case study blog on how social media has proven to improve business by allowing brands to reach more people.

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Choose a valid domain name
07 February 2012Are you sure that you own your Website Address?

If you already own a domain name or if you are considering registering on one, read this helpful blog about all you need to know to make sure you do it properly.

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