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03 April 2012

Be Social!

Be social on social media
Believe in the potency of social media.

Just because you don’t use or believe in the potency of social media, doesn’t mean that the rest of the world shares your views. Well it’s obvious they don’t – isn’t it?

Dirk has established his 4x4community.com forum as one of the world’s foremost authorities on 4x4 in South Africa and recently posted an article highlighting a successful social media campaign a member of the 4x4 Community Forum ran to promote a new range of outdoor trailers.

Be Social

By Dirk Erasmus

Social media, forums, Facebook and Twitter are all words dreaded by many in the off-road supply industry.

Forums? Me? Never! Those places are filled with "know it alls"! Facebook, yes my kids are there but I think it is a waste of time. These are the responses one would expect to hear from the 4x4 supply industry in South Africa.

Unlike the majority of suppliers of 4x4 equipment, Heinz Modricky of Metalian Trailers embraces technology and social media, making it work not only for his business but also for his customers. For the past two years, Metalian Trailers has actively used the SA 4x4 Community Forum for sales, pre- and post sales assistance and market research.

However, today Metalian Trailers raised the bar with what I believe is an industry first in the South African off-road industry. During March, Metalian Trailers announced their new Mini Metalian, aimed at the market looking for a smaller off-road trailer without sacrificing the luxuries and ruggedness that an off-road trailer offers.

During this past week Heinz made a surprising announcement, one that was received with excitement. He said on Friday night, between 7pm and 8pm, he will make the first 10 Mini Metalian trailers available for sale to forum members and only to people registered on the 4x4Community Forum. To qualify for one of the trailers, the buyers had to reply to the thread with the single message "+1" which would indicate their intention to purchase. The price is definitely a sale price, with the discount being in excess of R10 000.

So, during the week there were some questions - some people tested posting just a “+1” and I am sure that some thought this would not work.

Tonight at 7pm the first +1 came in and they started coming in at a steady stream. At 7.03pm, yes you read right, 3 minutes later the 10 Mini Metalian trailers were sold.

10 trailers. 3 minutes. Sale over.

Well done to Heinz Modricky and Metalian Trailers! It proves that in all market segments and industries it’s important to move with the time. Embrace technology and social media, your customers certainly do.

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