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12 February 2015

Invest in Online Paid Advertising

Invest in Online Paid Advertising

Invest in Online Paid Advertising

It’s no secret that websites’ presence on the World Wide Web is growing and growing – just last year it was announced that we reached the one billion mark, meaning there are now over one billion websites on the web.

It’s hard enough to fathom this number, let alone have your website be seen between all of these websites. Of course, many website owners all over the world make sure their content is SEO-friendly; but eventually this is not going to be enough. Eventually, in the not-so-distant future, business and website owners are going to have to succumb to paid advertising to be seen – something that is far cheaper than print advertising and that brings wider exposure and reach to your brand.

Many businesses worldwide have already invested in and budgeted for online paid advertising, which means that some of your competition is already one step ahead and could be seen by potential customers before you. Digital is the way forward; and with advertising, even more so. Let’s take a look at the benefits of AdWords advertising (with Google) and Facebook advertising.

Advertising with AdWords for Google

Google is the most popular search engine, so it makes sense to advertise with them if you want to get your brand seen by potential customers. Through the use of product or service-specific keywords relating to your business; and with the use of Google text ads, people will be able to see your adverts in the search engine results pages (SERPs) if they type those specific keywords into the search bar.

In order to make sure your ad is seen, however, you need to pay a decent amount. The budget can be whatever you can afford, but obviously the higher the bid, the better the position of your advert in the search results.

At Online Innovations, we have seen countless times how successful and effective these ads are, but if you want your ads to be seen in more places than the SERPs, we suggest you have some display network banners created for your adverts too.

These banners display in different sizes and include text, images and even video. The advantage of using these banners is that they will be placed on websites that relate to what you are selling. So, for example, if you’re selling kitchen utensils, your banner can display on home décor websites when the right keywords are searched for. These related websites are called “display partners” and they give you the chance for your paid advertising to reach a lot wider than just the SERPs – making it one of the most effective methods of paid advertising in the digital world.

Advertising on Facebook

We have seen Facebook evolve over the years and these days, they are getting smart with their advertising. Where before, businesses could enjoy a lot of brand exposure at no cost at all; that all changed when Facebook made it almost impossible for your posts to reach a lot of people without paying up. In other words, organic reach dropped dramatically – an average of 12% of your audience and followers actually end up seeing your posts.

Similar to AdWords, you can set up an advertising campaign on Facebook with multiple ads per set. Instead of focusing on keywords, Facebook allows you to target a specific product according to gender, country, age and interests; meaning that your product advert will appear on the newsfeeds of people who are most likely to be interested and click on it.

An alternative way to advertise on Facebook, if advertising campaigns are bit out of your budget, is to boost a specific post. You can boost a post for as little as R150 and also target your audience. This means that your post has the potential to reach thousands of people (some who aren’t even your Facebook page’s followers), rather than just 12% of your existing followers.

What can Online Innovations do for you?

Over our 15 years of experience, we have seen paid online advertising’s popularity increase tremendously in the last couple of years.

At Online Innovations, our online marketing services means that we can do or assist you with pay-per-click advertising (PPC) on AdWords, making sure that your brand’s text ads or display banners are seen on the SERPs and beyond. Through keyword research and relevant, character-limit-abiding text ads, we are able to make sure your adverts display and reach the audience you want to reach.

We also offer social media services, which includes the managing of your social media accounts and generating content for them. Should your budget allow for it, we also specialise in creating Facebook adverts for your brand – targeting the audience you wish to target and reaching thousands of people.

If you’re interested in introducing your brand to the digital world of paid advertising, give Bronwen a call or email her for more information on how we can help you.

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