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14 June 2017 by Caroline Levey

Importance of Mobile in 2017

To ensure your brand and business is being steered in the right direction one needs to be aware of the pressure technology is placing on brands. People expect to be informed, educated and entertained. Expectation levels are higher than ever before.

While this may be daunting for many business owners and brands. One should rather embrace and take advantage of what technology has to offer, as we are now more connected to consumers than ever before!

As our world becomes more and more mobile, businesses continue to be challenged to adapt and deliver better and faster services through technology. We want to help ensure that your organisation is prepared for the ‘future consumer’ by having a look at how you can best seize and unlock new opportunities by implementing an effective mobile-commerce (m-commerce) strategy.

Mobile moves commerce

Facebook recently reported that 2016 was the first year it saw more mobile conversions than those done on desktop. This is due to most consumers being more likely to share, search and find product information on their mobile devices than in-store.

This change in consumers purchasing habits have provided marketers and businesses with a special opportunity to innovate and take advantage of the ‘always on lifestyle’ of shoppers.

Be prepared by going mobile

In order for your brand and business to successfully flourish in the future, you need to understand that the way people see themselves in the world is shifting and this is important as it shapes how they will see and interact with brands. Our mobile phones are always on us. They provide us with endless information on ways to check pricing, brand specials and to gather more information and ideas.

Is your website mobile friendly?

Mobile optimisation ensures that the site design, site structure and page speed is efficient to ensure you do not turn mobile visitors away.

Furthermore, a mobile friendly website will also rank better as it is very good for SEO.

Facebook leads people to make purchases

Because people expect to be able to do everything from their phones, Facebook has introduced Lead Ads which gives people a quick and privacy-safe way to sign up to receive information from businesses, such as newsletters, quotes and offers.

How can Online Innovations Assist You?

Let us at Online Innovations help and steer you where people are headed, we will help offer you piece of mind and security in an ever shifting and changing world. We are specialists in digital marketing, offering services in web design, web development, social media advertising and e-commerce.

If you’re interested in our services, please give Bronwen a call or email her for more information.

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