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08 January 2014

Websites First!

Websites come first before other online marketing
Makes your website a business priority.

A few years ago, people could rely on a relatively well put-together website for a satisfactory web presence. If businesses spend just a little bit of effort on making sure their websites were contextual and optimised, they would be right up there at the top of the search engine result pages (SERPs).

Times have changed and today it has become a lot more difficult.

The web gives businesses access to markets that were traditionally impossible to service, let alone target. This, however, invites many more competitors, which they now have to pitch themselves against. Then you still need to add the ever-growing internet user base – who, with time and exposure to web technology, is growing in confidence and becoming very demanding.

Nowadays, there are also many additional components that need to be considered such as social networks, PPC campaigns, the origination of content; and supporting elements like video, photos and illustrations, website management, integration with online and offline business systems. These components need to be taken into consideration if businesses want to trump their rivals online.

Many businesses are bad at all of this as it has become rather complicated and very intimidating. In reality though, it’s still doable. Like the idiom goes about eating an elephant one mouthful at a time, the same applies here. A long-term strategy is the best option, as it can tackle each element systematically as it goes along the way. Special attention will be made to complete each component correctly and comprehensively before moving on to the next one. 

First Thing's First 

The most important (and obvious) component that needs to be addressed first is the website. It’s a common thread that links all activities and is essentially the goal we want all traffic to be pushed to. The site carries the brand message and is the root of a web presence.

A good website means that less effort and expense is needed to promote it and that customers and visitors get better value and are more willing to engage and transact.

Here are few examples:

- The quality and context of a website will bring down the cost per click on Adwords campaigns and improve      the ad’s placement.

- It will also improve the organic ranking on the search engines.

- Visitors will talk about, share and promote a good quality website on social platforms.

- Very often, these days, the initial contact between the customer and business is done online. A website of      good quality ensures that the first impression is a good one.

In conclusion, the importance of your website should not be overlooked. Before concerning yourself with social media strategies and pay-per-click campaigns, make sure your website looks good and is easy to use and understand. Your efforts will be well rewarded.  

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