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12 November 2018 by Danielle Brill

5 Top Tips for Writing Website Content Your Visitors Will Love

Aside from website design, website content is one of the most important elements to get right before launching a website. It’s crucial to get your message across in a favourable way, especially seeing as websites are often the first point of contact a potential client has with a company. Content has an effect on whether your website is found online, whether visitors choose to stay and whether they choose to buy in to your business, products and services. Here are five top tips for writing website content your visitors will love!

  1. Know your audience

It’s essential to know your audience before undertaking any online communication. Demographics such as age, gender and location are a good place to start, but businesses should ideally know their audience on a deeper level. This includes identifying your audience’s likes, dislikes, hopes, fears, needs and wants. Once you have a clear picture of the person you’re communicating with, it becomes significantly easier to create content that resonates with them and addresses their fundamental needs and concerns.

  1. Write short paragraphs

Website visitors want comprehensive information on your products and services, but they want it to be presented as simply as possible. Paragraphs that contain large chunks of information can be daunting and difficult to read, whereas short paragraphs can communicate one ‘thought’ at a time and are therefore easier for visitors to read. A good rule of thumb is to have no more than five sentences per paragraph.

  1. Mind your tone of voice

Tone of voice is the perfect avenue to let your brand personality shine through. The key is to be professional without being impersonal, a feat which can be achieved by speaking in an informative yet friendly and conversational tone. Which ever tone of voice you choose for your business, endeavor to use it across all your messaging as this will aid credibility and recognizability.

  1. Avoid using jargon

Jargon refers to words and expressions which are difficult for people to understand if they don’t belong to a particular group or profession. By creating jargon-heavy content, businesses may miss opportunities to connect with their website visitors. While it’s worthwhile to use these words when targeting specific industries, aim to keep jargon to a minimum and provide explanations for complex concepts so as not to alienate prospective leads.

  1. Make use of multimedia

There is much to be said about the impact of a well-placed photograph or video. In addition to being visually appealing and entertaining, they can communicate your message in a way that is easy for website visitors to understand. Multimedia shouldn’t be used to replace content, but rather used to complement existing content and to improve the overall experience. Just remember to keep file sizes as small as possible without compromising on quality, as large files can contribute to sluggish load times.

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