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WordPress websites

wordpress website designOnline Innovations, as a hosting provider, supports the standard LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) stack. Our Linux, MySQL and PHP knowhow means that we are the ideal company to partner with when you need assistance with your WordPress website migration or installation.

WordPress websites

Originally, WordPress was touted as a "personal publishing" system, but as it gained popularity it also grew in functionality and scalability, and now with the 3.0 release, WordPress is now capable of supporting fairly large installations.

For most small businesses, WordPress is ideal to build a professional and easy-to-update website. But we need to remember that it is primarily a weblog-type system that although does support pages and is very flexible when you take the huge variety of plug-ins and themes that are available for it - the fact that it is an open source project does make it prone to vulnerabilities and hence there is a need for regular attention.

WordPress specialists

The Online Innovations web hosting environment is ideal for the hosting on WordPress websites. Adding to this our knowledge of WordPress' underlying technologies MySQL and PHP, our understanding of security and our portfolio bearing testament to our work ethic, Online Innovations will prove to be your perfect WordPress partner.

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