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19 March 2019 by Danielle Brill

8 Great Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Google Ads

Google Ads is an online advertising service offered by Google whereby business ads are delivered to web users while they’re searching and browsing online. The sheer number of advertising options presented by Google can be intimidating, leaving newcomers wondering whether there’s a solution that’s right for their business at all. If you’re also overwhelmed and uncertain, read on as we share eight great reasons why your business should definitely start using Google Ads.

  1. Reach Your Target Market

Google undoubtedly has the ability to reach members of your target market. In fact, through their Display Network alone, Google is said to reach over 90% of all global internet users across 2 million websites. This means that your ad won’t only be seen by people when they’re searching on Google, but also when they’re visiting their favourite website, checking their email or watching a YouTube video, for example.

In addition to extensive reach, Google Ads also has incredible targeting capabilities, giving advertisers the opportunity to reach audiences based on specific demographics such as age, gender and location, as well as through targeted keywords, websites and topics of interest.

  1. Be Visible When It Matters Most

In comparison to other advertising platforms where ads are placed in the hopes of reaching an interested audience, Google Ads can place your business in front of people when they’re actively looking for your products or services. Because ads are only shown once a particular keyword or search term is present, you’re more likely to reach qualified prospects and harness their purchase intent in a way that turns them into paying customers.

  1. Maintain Full Control

Many concerns over whether to use Google Ads stem from the fear of overspending. However, business owners needn’t overspend because they are given full autonomy over the daily budget for each campaign. Google Ads also lets advertisers specify the amount they’re willing to bid for a keyword or pay for a click, as well as how an account budget should be split across different campaigns.

In addition to controlling your budgetary spend, Google Ads will also give you the freedom to set a start and end date for your campaign, which you are able to change at any time. Furthermore, the ads you create and keywords you choose can also be edited, paused or removed if they aren’t performing as well as others.

  1. Show Important Business Information

Through ad extensions, you can include additional information on your business at no extra cost. Callout extensions, specifically, can draw attention to your key selling points while call extensions give potential customers a convenient way to contact your business directly from the search results. Direct links to relevant website pages such as your ‘Product Catalogue’ can also be included within sitelink extensions, giving a searcher more reasons to click through to your site.

  1. Only Pay for Results

Whether your objective is to increase brand awareness or website traffic, the great thing about Google Ads is that you’re only billed for actual results. This is perhaps one of the biggest drawcards of using Google Ads – you see what you’re paying for and you won’t pay without seeing a return on investment, whether it be impressions, website clicks or conversions such as a completed purchase or app download.

  1. Complement Other Marketing Channels

It’s important to adopt an integrated approach to marketing, whereby a number of avenues are used to communicate a common message in the pursuit of a singular goal. Google Ads should therefore be used to complement your current offline and social media marketing efforts. This can be especially useful when promoting your latest sales campaign or new product or service.

  1. Stay Competitive

You may not be using Google Ads, but your competitors are. According to wordstream.com, almost 2/3 of clicks on the first page go to sponsored ads when a web user has used keywords with high commercial intent, so you can just imagine how much business is being lost out on. Google Ads can therefore help you to stay competitive and increase your chances of appearing at the top of the search results.

  1. Gain Customer Insights

Through Google Ads you will gain important customer insights such as where the majority of your customers reside, which devices they use and which keywords they use to find you. This data can then be used to inform your SEO strategy and increase the effectiveness of future ad campaigns. You can also find out what happened after they clicked your ad by linking your Google Ads and Analytics accounts.

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