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18 May 2020 by Samantha Swanepoel

Why You Should Still Be Using Facebook Advertising in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Social media has taken the world by storm – as of the end of 2019 Facebook has 2.5 billion registered users. Because of this, Facebook advertising has become a ‘must’ in any business’s marketing plan. 

Thanks to Facebook Advertising, businesses have been able to bring their brand, products and services to the fingertips of their target market.

But, with Facebook Advertising already been around for over a decade, is it still a viable digital marketing avenue for your business to pursue? Here are five reasons why your business should still be using Facebook Advertising.

1. Effective Targeting

People spend a lot of their free-time scrolling through their Facebook newsfeed with most users accessing their account no less than three times a day! As a business, this provides you with ample opportunity to access your targeted audience through Facebook Advertising. 

Facebook Advertising allows the creation of custom audiences based on their behaviour, demographics and interests. You can even base your audience on those who follow a competitor or on a lookalike audience. 

The targeting capabilities of Facebook Advertising is extensive and are continuously improving providing you with endless opportunity to get onto the screens of your target audience.  

2. Staying in Touch

One clear cut advantage that digital marketing, particularly social media marketing, has always had over traditional marketing is the ability to easily remain connected with your customers.

It is difficult to track the reach and impression you have made on your target audience but, with Facebook Advertising, you can keep in constant touch with your customers and monitor these statistics. 

It is fast and easy for your customers to leave a comment or send a message. And, because Facebook is on your phone, your digital account manager can respond within minutes! 

In this way, digital marketing has created a link of constant communication with the customer enabling you to determine what their exact needs and demands are at any time of day. 

3. Cost-Effective with High ROI

The problem with marketing has always been finding an effective marketing strategy that will produce a high return on investment. Facebook Advertising provides the solution to that predicament.

Unfortunately, organic activity no longer yields lucrative results leaving paid campaigns as the only option for creating greater brand awareness on Facebook. This means that for the best results you will need to create a paid campaign for the posts you wish to promote to achieve your marketing goals.

However, the good news is that Facebook Advertising is a lot cheaper than other online marketing strategies and yields amazing results – this is not difficult to imagine considering the massive reach you can obtain with audience targeting! 

Facebook advertising also allows you to set a daily or campaign budgets so you can control exactly how much money you would like to spend on each campaign.

4. Easy to Use and Interpret 

Creating a campaign is simple and guided by a step-by-step process. Within a few minutes, you can create a custom audience, set a budget, select the post you would like to boost and launch your campaign!

The Facebook Ads Manager even records the current statistics of your campaign calculating reach, impressions, and engagements such as likes, comments, and shares, among many other customizable criteria making it easy to track the ROI on your current campaigns. 

These statistics can help you to adjust future campaign budgets or audience targeting to obtain better results. 

5. Highly Customizable

Facebook Advertising truly allows the user to customize their campaign according to the needs and demands of their brand. With an array of advert formats to choose from, you can create the ideal advert to target your custom audience.

If you would like to improve brand awareness, a Like Campaign would be ideal. If your business is launching a new product and you would like to obtain customer feedback, an engagement Campaign is right up your alley.

With eleven different Facebook advert objectives to choose from, you can achieve your goals in a manner that is most suited to your marketing strategy.

Facebook is constantly improving its advertising platform by implementing new and improved features for campaign creation. These features do not only improve the digital marketing capabilities of the business but also improve the user experience for the customers.


With the continued advancement of the Facebook Advertising platform and the massive user database, Facebook remains a high contender on the social media marketing list. With more and more users joining daily, the potential customer reach is continuously growing.

If you would like to start Facebook marketing for your business, contact the digital marketing team at Online Innovations for expert assistance in managing your social media presence online. Call us on 041 365 4919, email [email protected], or visit our website at www.onlineinnovations.com to find out more. 

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