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BestDrive is a leading tyre fitment centre in Europe and Asia and is now available in South Africa. BestDrive previously trading as ContiPartner and FIT&GO, offer a wide range of the world’s leading tyre brands and automotive components. The tyre fitment centre aims to be a leader in their industry by offering a complete tyre fitment solution, designed to provide their customers with the best value and service.

BestDrive tasked Online Innovations to assist them in making the most of the internet to ensure they could communicate effectively and efficiently with their customers and franchisees.

Due to the diverse nature of BestDrive’s business, Online Innovations developed and executed two websites, one for the public and the other for the over 100 BestDrive franchises.

How we developed and executed the public website:

  • Developed a dealer locator to ensure customers could find a dealership near them with ease.
  • Ensure promotions on their product offering are kept updated.
  • Developed a ‘talk to us survey’ and ‘request a quote’ to make it easier for customers to interact with dealers directly at the over 100 different branches.
  • Developed a mobile-friendly website.
  • Followed strict brand guidelines to ensure we conformed to their new brand image.
  • Implemented a Content Management System (CMS) to allow BestDrive to manage all aspects of the website. From updating content to changing information of products and services offered.
  • Utilised Google Maps APIs.
  • Enhanced dealer pages to ensure that each dealer centre was unique and personalised by providing a brief history on the dealer centre followed by their product and service offering and team information.

How we developed and executed the dealer centre website:

The dealer centre is an e-commerce information portal for franchises.

  • Developed a user-friendly dealer centre portal to help BestDrive’s business practices run more smoothly.
  • Developed a platform for BestDrive franchisees to access pricing and product information, brand guidelines and download stationary.
  • A platform to update and access store information.
  • Available photo gallery for dealers to upload store images.
  • News section to upload any newsworthy information. 
  • A platform for BestDrive dealers to communicate with one another.
  • Dealers can view relevant financial information, for example, any available campaign and marketing funds available to the dealer.
  • Manage claim processes and queries made by dealers.
  • The management team can see who is making use of the website portal and their activity.

Online Innovations also offers their support with online capturing by offering monthly retainers where we assist with managing information and the Google My Business records of the franchises.