Google Reseller

Online Innovations is a Google Reseller

Online Innovations is a Google Resellers and have a deep understanding of Google, the applications that Google provides, how they link together, the migration- capabilities and restrictions, and how businesses can best take advantage of them.

While it is easy to register for Google Apps oneself, it is best that you consult a Google Reseller to guide you through the process and manage the entire setup for you. An unqualified decision in the beginning can cost you dearly in the long run.

Talk to us. Money well spent on getting it right - from the start - translates into massive savings and value benefits in the future.

What is Google Apps

Google Apps

Google Apps for Business is a service from Google that features several web tools and applications with similar functionality to traditional office suites and includes; Gmail, Google Calendar, Drive, Docs, Analytics, AdSense, AdWords, Webmaster Tools, YouTube and Places to name a few.

By using Google Apps and utilizing Google's tools, businesses can amplify their standing with Google and in-so-doing optimize their web presence and strategies.


Gmail is a free, advertising-supported email service. Users may access Gmail as secure webmail, as well as via POP3 or IMAP4 protocols.

Mailbox capacity

Individual Gmail messages, including attachments, may be up to 25 MB which is larger than many other mail services support with a mailbox capacity of from 10 GB (on Google Apps for teams and individuals) to 16TB.

Spam filter

Gmail’s spam protection can be sited as a key reason to host email with Google. Gmail supports multiple authentication systems, including SPF (Sender Policy Framework), DomainKeys, and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail), so we can be more certain that your mail is from who it says it's from.

Google Docs

Create, view, share and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations online with Google Docs.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about the visits to a website.


Adsense is a program offered by Google that allows websites to generate revenue by displaying ads linking to other websites.


Adwords is Google’s Pay Per Click service in which advertisers appear on relevant search engine results pages.

Google Places

Google Places is location based search results on Google, accompanied by a map of the region in question. Appearing on these results is particularly important for businesses who operated in specific regions.

Google Drive

Google Drive gives users a single place for up-to-date versions of your files from anywhere. In addition to any file type that you choose to upload, Google Docs are also stored in Google Drive.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is a Google web service for webmasters. It allows webmasters to check indexing status and optimize their websites.

It has tools that let webmasters submit and check a sitemaps, check and set the crawl rate, list internal and external pages that link to the site, see what keyword searches on Google led to the site being listed in the SERPs, and view statistics about how Google indexes the site, and if it found any errors while doing it, among others.