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Start-up business owners need to be careful with their cash flow, whilst at the same time giving their internet business every chance of success - which is why we have created affordable web design packages to fit the needs and budget of small sized businesses while still maintaining the quality of a professionally designed website.

Working smarter

Online Innovations have been an industry leader in website design for very a long time and by identifying the areas of website design that attract the costs, have designed a product that by working smarter can prove to be cost effective for our customers and Online Innovations.

Low cost websites that are high in value

Don't let the low price fool you - our cheap websites still make use of all the latest web technologies, are search engine friendly and include Google- Analytics and Webmaster Tools but to reduce costs the parameters that we are to work within need to be clearly defined:

  • Our cheap websites are template based which means that our clients can choose from a variety of predesigned layouts.
  • All the information for the website i.e. the content, photographs and logos must be consolidated and provided in full before development begins.
  • Monthly hosting is paid in advance by-way-of debt order.

Website for R6500


  • 5 or so great looking web pages
  • A contact form
  • Analytics setup to monitor traffic and visits
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Domain name (website address) registration

Examples of our cheap websites