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Benefits of inbound linking
04 June 2012In-bound Linking from Mini-sites

Although Google gives a new domain name a short boost when first published, it is moved to the sandbox for a long period of time and websites need to earn back their spot. Read more here.

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Why infographics are important
10 May 2012Google and your Website

Google and your website are able to work hand in hand to get your website to the top if you do it properly. Learn more about this from our blog.

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Choose a good website address
15 April 2012What makes a Good Website Address?

When setting up a website or even visiting one, you want to know if it's worth your time. Take a look at the features that will help you identify what a good website is.

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Be social on social media
03 April 2012Be Social!

Read our case study blog on how social media has proven to improve business by allowing brands to reach more people.

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Choose a valid domain name
07 February 2012Are you sure that you own your Website Address?

If you already own a domain name or if you are considering registering on one, read this helpful blog about all you need to know to make sure you do it properly.

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Keep your website up-to-date
11 January 2012Keep your Website up-to-date

With consumers doing everything on the internet from shopping and banking to making bookings, we need to make sure our websites keep up-to-date. Read on the benefits of this here.

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Take advantage of social medias offerings
11 October 2011Making the Most of Social Media

When setting up social media platforms for your business, make sure you get the right advice and get it right from the beginning.

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How websites affect business
10 September 2011The Role of a Website in a Business

A website is not only a marketing resource, but it's also a business tool. Take a look at how to start thinking of the role it will play in your business.

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