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Benefits of Upgrading and Redesigning your Website
31 October 2014Benefits of Upgrading and Redesigning your Website

Every few years, it's recommended that you upgrade your website. Take a look at the amazing benefits of having your website redesigned.

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Dont use your Profile as a Business Page
09 October 2014Don't use your Profile as a Business Page

Many companies are still using their personal Facebook profiles as a business page. Not only is it not allowed, but they're also missing out on the fantastic features that can be used when managing a proper business page.

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Make Sure Your SEO Counts
01 September 2014Make Sure Your SEO Counts

Take a look at our tips and advice on how to make sure that your SEO for your website counts. From metas and image tags to your URL, read it here.

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How to handle a social media crisis
15 May 2014Handling a Social Media Crisis - the Bad and the Good

These days, many people take to social media to complain about a bad experience with a company or brand, so how do you handle this crisis in the right way? We have some tips for you.

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Digital and SA business influence each other
25 April 2014Digital World to Bring Major Changes to SA Business

Find out all out how South Africans are taking their businesses online and all of the benefits of doing so.

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All you need to know about Heartbleed
01 April 2014Introducing the Infamous Heartbleed Internet Bug

Heartbleed is the internet bug that is hacking people of their passwords and other security information. We tell you all you need to know about this virus and how to prevent it from affecting you.

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Digital products are taxed from April 2014
02 March 2014Be Prepared - Your Digital Products will be Taxed from April 2014

From April 2014, electronic products will be taxed. This ranges from online content to webinars - learn more from our blog.

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Websites come first before other online marketing
08 January 2014Websites First!

Make sure that your website is contextual and optimised so that your business can be at the top of Google's search engine results pages.

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