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Blog Articles

15 September 2021 Is your Website POPI Compliant?

Officially the Personal Protection of Information Act, or POPI, has been in effect since 01 July 2020. Let’s take a closer look at what your website needs to become POPI compliant and to ensure that you have covered all your bases.

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18 August 2021 Is your Website User-Friendly?

While there are many factors that define a good website, the main factor that can influence your visitor engagement and total conversions is whether or not the website is functional. This begs the question – is your website user-friendly?

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15 July 2021 Are Website Blogs Still Relevant in 2021?

While some digital marketers have ranked blogging low on the list of marketing strategies for 2021, this should definitely not be the case when current blogging statistics are proving otherwise. Not convinced? Let’s take a closer look at how blogging can continue to help you in 2021.

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24 June 2021 What is a Google Ads Audience?

In addition to keywords, it is time to target the correct audiences to further improve the click-through rate and return to your adverts. Let’s take a look at what Google Ads audiences are and how they can help us in our Adwords marketing efforts.

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17 May 2021 Okay Google, What are Featured Snippets?

While a Featured Snippet or Zero Position spot cannot be bought, it can be influenced by ensuring that your website content is structured in the best possible way. Read on to learn more about Featured Snippets.

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19 April 2021 Increase your Reach with Instagram Stories, Reels & IGTV

Since its release in 2010, numerous improvements have been made and new functionality has come to the fore to further enhance the Instagram user experience. Amongst this new and improved functionality lies Instagram Stories, Reels and IGTV posts.

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17 March 2021 The Key to Understanding Keywords

When it comes to pay-per-click advertising (PPC) or search engine optimization (SEO), the first item on the proverbial list is none other than keywords. Keywords are phrases used in your website content that make it possible for searchers to find your website via search engines. If your website is optimised to speak the ‘language’ of the searchers, then you will rake in those clicks and views.

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09 February 2021 HTTPS and Website Security

Because of the nature of the transactions that we complete on a daily basis, businesses need to ensure that the information of their clients remains safe and secure. The first step to achieving this level of security is upgrading your website to HTTPS.

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