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Top Tips to Handle Your Online Business Queries
02 October 2017How to Handle Your Online Business Queries

In today’s digital, fast-paced society, businesses are confronted with more queries than ever before and more channels by which to field these queries. Here are five best practices to ensure that you handle your online queries in the best possible way.

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14 June 2017Importance of Mobile in 2017

To ensure your brand and business is being steered in the right direction one needs to be aware of the pressure technology is placing on brands. People expect to be informed, educated and entertained. Expectation levels are higher than ever before.

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05 May 2017Why Small Businesses Need Online Advertising

Are you a small business finding it difficult to compete with larger companies, as your marketing budget is seen to be more limited than theirs? Fortunately, you now have a chance thanks to online advertising, as it allows you to better position and compete alongside larger companies without blowing your budget!

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Outsource Social Media Management
03 April 2017Should I Outsource my Social Media Management?

With social media playing a very important role in a brand’s online success, companies have started to take notice and are asking themselves whether they need to outsource their social media management.

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Facebook Marketing Solutions
15 March 2017Do I need a website if I already have a Facebook Page?

Many of you might be asking yourselves the same question on why do you need a website when a Facebook Page is for free? And yes, social media particularly Facebook offers business owners phenomenal opportunities to interact with new and existing customers, but is a Facebook Page really enough?

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Beware of SEO Scams
06 March 2017Beware of SEO Scams

While SEO consultants can provide clients with valuable services, some unethical SEO consultants have given the industry a bad name through their aggressive marketing efforts and unrealistic claims to try and win over clients.

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Online Business Processes solutions
24 February 2017Online Business Processes

The explosive growth of Business to Consumer (B2C) has created a lot of attention over the past few years as more and more businesses opt to sell their products and services online. This is where companies have jumped on the bandwagon and utilised Business to Business (B2B), as their customers have become accustomed to the ability to make retail and lifestyle purchases online.

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mobile first index will take some time
16 January 2017Industry News: Google says the mobile first index will take some time

In a Google webmaster hangout, Google’s John Mueller said that Google will release the mobile-first index later this year

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