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Blog Articles

Keep your website up-to-date
11 January 2012 Keep your Website up-to-date

With consumers doing everything on the internet from shopping and banking to making bookings, we need to make sure our websites keep up-to-date. Read on the benefits of this here.

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Take advantage of social medias offerings
11 October 2011 Making the Most of Social Media

When setting up social media platforms for your business, make sure you get the right advice and get it right from the beginning.

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How websites affect business
10 September 2011 The Role of a Website in a Business

A website is not only a marketing resource, but it's also a business tool. Take a look at how to start thinking of the role it will play in your business.

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The internet offers a wide range of possibilities
19 August 2011 Internet: More than Meets the Eye

There is so much more to the internet than just having a website, such as SEO, keywords, marketing and the list goes on. Read more about it here.

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Benefitting from a CMS
16 July 2011 Benefitting from a Content Management System (CMS)

Online Innovations takes pride in owning all the source code to our CMS that we offer to clients. See how you can benefit from a content management system.

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Reasons to have a website committee
21 June 2011 The Need for a Separate Website Committee

Website strategies are not particularly suited to the marketing or IT departments in your company which is why you will need a web committee or webmaster to keep your website up-to-date.

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Social media sites and network benefits
13 June 2011 Benefitting from Social Media Sites and Networks

With social media expanding more and more, it is becoming popular with business marketing. Take a look at the benefits of using social media.

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Why meta date is needed for SEO
04 May 2011 The Relevance of Meta Data for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Meta titles, keywords and descriptions all play a role in where your website ranks on the SERPs. See how relevant it is to your SEO.

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