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20 August 2013

Why you Should Add Infographics to your Website

Why infographics are important
6 reasons why infographics are a good decision.

The ever-growing popularity of YouTube and Pinterest is testament to the fact that we are visual beings and that we would much prefer illustrated information and that of the written word.

Infographics allows you to make complex information easier to understand thanks to visualisations. Here are six reasons why it’s a good idea to use infographics to market your content on the web: 

1. Reading Retention

The readers can grasp a lot of information without engaging in long, bare descriptions with no pictures. Almost anything can be made into an infographic, no matter how technical the content may be.

2. Easy to Remember

A graphic is a lot more memorable than paragraphs of text. 

3. Webpage Quality 

Infographics are good for your SEO because they can be reposted, which gives you a link to your site. Infographics can also be embedded, so it attracts more people who want to share it on their blogs. 

4. More Engaging

If you have a well-designed infographic, people are more likely to share it, which generates more traffic for you. Images are shared more than anything else on social media platforms. 

5. People Love Sharing Infographics

Infographics are more likely to go viral, which could bring a brilliant amount of traffic to your website. 

6. Easy to Understand 

Your content can be more understandable and accessible to people who don’t know the subject much, as the topic will be broken down into graphics or images.

This is a very attractive feature of infographics because it can turn anyone into a person who knows and engages with the key subject of your website. 

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