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08 December 2014 by Zoe Harrington

How to Market your Website Effectively

How to Market your Website Effectively
Take a look at our tips on effective methods of marketing your website.

The days where businesses rely on word of mouth are almost gone thanks to the constant, exceptional growth of online presence. Online marketers are busier than ever as they constantly research the online market in order to stay abreast of the ever-evolving trends.

Many business owners know that social media marketing is the way to go if you want to market your website effectively and gain incredible brand awareness; but did you know there are many other angles you could try to achieve this? Online Innovations has some helpful tips for you below, as well as some information on how we can help you when it comes to online marketing. 

Effective Methods of Marketing your Website 

Social Media 

Social media went from being about personal profiles looking to connect with other personal profiles, to a great platform for all types of businesses to grow their brand and market themselves on. Having a Facebook business page really expands brand awareness and allows you to reach customers on a more personal level. Most social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, give you the option of promoting your website or your business profile. Facebook also allows you to create adverts to promote your business. 

Content, Website Structure and Organic Search Results 

As we mentioned a couple of weeks ago, content is king – great content on your website not only makes it look more professional, but it also helps with the marketing of your website in the sense that it allows you to really convey your business’ message and communicate with your website visitors in your own tone. The search engines love quality content and a well-structured website.

Once you have good content and a well-structured, quality-designed website; it’s time to look at your organic search results. Organic search results are basically where your website ranks when people search for specific keywords relating to your business. It’s important for website owners to first determine their organic results and their organic reach achieved simply by sharing their website; before further marketing their site.

From the organic results it will be easier to determine where to go from there; and to start building on your organic results by advertising and coming up with a brilliant marketing strategy to promote your website.


Many may not think that search engine optimisation (SEO) has much to do with marketing your website, but with an SEO-friendly website, comes better exposure for it and your brand. The higher the search engines rank you, the higher the chance of your website being seen by people searching for your business or the industry you’re in.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an effective and cost-efficient way to market and advertise your website. People tend to spend fortunes on traditional advertising, whereas with PPC they can spend as little as R1000 and still get a much wider reach. The more people see your adverts, the bigger the brand awareness - and the more people aware of your website’s existence. 

Newsletter Emails 

This is a very efficient way of keeping your customers informed of anything that’s happening within your company or website; such as recent projects completed, recent products launched and even some advice that’s relevant to the industry. Keeping your customer list up to date with news of your business once a week (or every 2 weeks), means that you’ll not only be marketing your website, but also be keeping the public interested. 

Competitions and Discounts 

There’s no doubt that everybody loves a competition or a discount, so what better way to get people to notice your website than to have a competition or a discount on it? Try to make it so that people can only enter the competition on your website, or they can only get a discount if they buy from your website, for example. This won’t only make people sit up and notice your website, but it will also generate some fantastic traffic! 

Let Online Innovations Market your Website for you 

Don’t have the time to take care of everything we just mentioned to market your website? Luckily for you, Online Innovations can take care of all of the above for you! We can set up and manage your social media profiles, make your website SEO-friendly and also create effective PPC ads to give your website impressive exposure. As far as newsletters go, we have a newsletter system that we sell; and we give our customers the option to either manage it themselves, or we can manage it for them.

Interested in marketing your website effectively? Give us a call to find out more.

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