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22 January 2015 by Zoe Harrington

Embark on Some Website Changes in 2015

Embark on Some Website Changes in 2015
This year, companies are choosing to optimise their existing websites.

2015 is here and along with it comes all types of trends for the year ahead: décor trends, fashion trends, design trends and, more importantly to us, website trends.

One of the noticeable trends that will be taking place in 2015 as far as websites go, is that companies will be paying more attention to optimising their existing website content rather than creating all new content. Instead of spending hours generating content, they will be improving on all content – the content that is working and of course the content that isn’t working.

As it’s a new year, this is a great trend. It’s a way to start the New Year afresh with your improved website that could very well be ranked a lot higher than it was last year thanks to the optimising you’ll be doing. 

It all starts with a Plan 

Before you embark on new changes for your website, it’s vital to have a well-thought through plan or strategy to go forward with. It takes a lot more than just going through your content and deciding what you personally like and dislike; and then proceeding to delete the content as you see fit.

If you have decided on making over your website in 2015 with less effort than it would take to have the whole thing redesigned, there are some aspects you need to plan out and keep in mind when doing so.

This is where Online Innovations steps in to help you. Not only do we draw up these plans and strategies for you, but we also implement them professionally, resulting in a website that reads better for the search engines than before.

Here are some things we take into consideration when planning your website’s optimisation: 

  • Content is King! This is the most important factor to understand and it really ties into how everything else succeeds on your website. Search engines are only able to read and see text, so you need to make sure that you have plenty of content on your website that is relevant to what you want to tell your visitors. We are able to analyse your website content, get rid of duplicate content (perhaps where you feel you may have run out of things to say) and can even set up and write blog articles for you. 
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO). This is obviously the key part here in optimising your website, but it cannot be implemented properly by many people all over the world as many aren’t aware that content is king. Through a process of keyword research and analytics, Online Innovations will rewrite your existing content for you so that it is SEO-friendly.
  • Social media marketing. Believe it or not, thanks to the major increase in companies using social media as a platform to market their business on, it is becoming more and more important to belong to some form of social network. At Online Innovations, we have a social media expert on board who will draw up social media strategies for your company, as well as create your profiles and even manage them for you. Advertising your brand on social networks such as Facebook has become very popular and it enables your brand to reach a much wider target market. 

Give us a call if you want to embark on some website changes this year. We can assist you in all aspects and make sure your website is improved and up to date with the ever-evolving web. 

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