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15 January 2015 by Zoe Harrington

Benefits of using our Social Media Services

Benefits of using our Social Media Services
Take a look at how we can make your social presence a success!

2014 saw a huge increase in the number of companies investing their time and money in social media management and marketing. This proves that more and more people are sitting up and taking notice of the incredible benefits and rewards you can get from marketing your business on various social media platforms.

Most social networks are ideal for marketing your business on. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and now even Instagram offer great ways to market your business effectively and at very flexible prices – making advertising a lot cheaper than other forms of advertising and it also reaches many more people. With the benefits of this new-age form of marketing being proven time and time again, it’s no wonder the numbers of investors are increasing. 

What Online Innovations will do for your Social Media 

At Online Innovations, we will meet with our client and research their business so that we can understand the ins and outs of it, as well as the look and feel the client is going for. Once that is established, we come up with a social media strategy.

It cannot be emphasised enough how important it is to have a strategy in place so that you know your goals and how you plan on getting there. Depending on the client’s needs, we prefer to draw up a strategy for the year ahead so that we can measure what worked, what didn’t work and where we need to make improvements. Because social media platforms are constantly changing and updating, so do our strategies. As new ways of marketing emerge, we meet with our clients to make suggestions to incorporate these new methods into their strategy in order to further their social presence.

Whether our client’s goal is to increase likes, make sales or simply just to have a social media presence, we can draw up a strategy that will reach your goals. One client of ours in particular has had phenomenal growth in the past year and it has resulted in fantastic consumer engagement and brand awareness. Take a look at what we achieved on social media for this brand: 

Case Study: House of York

House of York is a company that manufactures and sells quality wooden household goods for the kitchen, laundry and décor. In January 2014, Online Innovations took over House of York’s social media, managing their Facebook page, Twitter profile and Pinterest account.

Before we began, we drew up a strategy to follow for 2014 – for each month of the year. Once all was approved on their side, we went ahead and generated content for the blog and Facebook and Twitter updates to be posted throughout the months.

House of York is very focused on increasing Facebook Likes, brand awareness and driving sales; and that is exactly what we achieved in 2014. When we began, their Likes were on 473. By the beginning of January 2015, their Likes are standing at 4340 – that’s an increase of 3847 Likes! With Facebook making it more and more difficult for companies to reach thousands of people’s newsfeeds, this is an excellent result.

When we took on this client’s social media, we had certain goals in place, particularly for their Facebook page. Take a look at how we managed House of York’s social media in 2014: 

  • Our first goal was to make the page attractive. Once we understood House of York’s look and feel, we designed cover images, profile pictures and bought images that suited the brand. Posts are always accompanied by visuals, as it’s been proven that posts with images get a lot more engagement. We also made sure to keep the images and artwork consistent throughout all of the social media platforms that House of York has.
  • Then we needed to increase the Likes – the more people see and like your posts, the more of their friends will see it on their newsfeeds and therefore it gives your brand enormous exposure. By increasing the Likes, it also built a little “community” of fans who engaged with posts and became more interested in the information House of York had to share.  
  • Once we had our little community set up, it was time to engage the audience. We did (and still do) this by holding monthly competitions that got the fans to interact by commenting and posting pictures of their life experiences to House of York. A personal approach goes a long way, which is why personal engagement is so important for a brand. The loyal fans also share the competitions which broadens the number of people it reaches – resulting in even more Likes for the page.
  • As the page got more and more interaction with its fans, we turned to advertising House of York’s products and started spending money on Facebook. By knowing which posts to boost, when to promote the page and which products to punt at which time, we were able to expand the page way beyond our goal. We also created Facebook adverts for various products, which are very effective and cost-effective too.

Our social media management services go a lot further than the abovementioned ones. If you’re interested in our social media services, give us a call so that we can meet and discuss your vision for your business on social media. 

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