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E-commerce in South Africa

ecommerce E-commerce is recognized as a highly beneficial way of doing business, as it provides many conveniences and time-saving methods. This combined with a rapidly growing user base in South Africa will, in time; make it the preferred method for doing transactions.

Although confidence in online commerce systems is still very low in South Africa; entrepreneurs working from home, small businesses and large corporations in the rest of the world are seeing their returns sky-rocketing when complimenting their sales-force with an e-commerce system.

Forerunners in South Africa that gear up early will have a distinct advantage when the interest in e-commerce takes off.

E-commerce experts

Our website developers and web consultants are formally qualified experts with a broad range of knowledge of programming languages and best business practices. They are passionate about the technology which is driving the modern business world, and are constantly investing in their own skills and knowledge to stay abreast of the latest technologies that e-commerce draws on like; electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, internet marketing, online transaction processing, inventory management systems and shipping.

Electronic commerce

Being long established, Online Innovations can boast that we have developed many online shops. Over this period we have been exposed to- and understand, what must be, all of the credit card processing and merchant service providers in South Africa. Our development team shares this experience with customers and can advice them on the merchant or online transaction services that will best suite their payment gateway needs.


Incorrect or poor; reporting, inventory, supply chain and logistic management - are the main processes that can result in your e-commerce projects failure, and are the most challenging to get right. Glitches here can cost you money and can negatively affect the customers' experience with your company.

From start ups to enterprises it is imperative that the back office of the ecommerce system runs seamlessly. Accurate and timely reporting can ensure that the most sensible business decisions are made; easy and quick manipulation of data will ensure you are always making the most of opportunities and efficient processes ensuring that customers' expectations are met.

Online Innovations have experience in integration with business managements systems such as, SAP, Navision, Pastel and the like. Integrating with the business management system proves hugely beneficial, with the money spent creating it right the first time translating into massive savings and value benefits in the long run.


The shipping component of your e-commerce website can make or break it. An inaccurate shipping calculation can cost you or your customer money and if not carefully considered could when added to the total cost of the order be far too expensive.

Online Innovations have over time gained a superior understanding of the courier and freight industry in South Africa. Our customers can benefit from the experience gained in previous projects and of our knowledge of shipping processes and the APIs that the freight industry offers.

Internet marketing

ecommerce internet marketingIf a website's primary goal is sales them not having any traffic will certainly mean failure.

Website marketing includes search engine marketing and is the wider discipline that incorporates SEO. SEM includes both paid search results (like AdWords) and organic search results (SEO).

Search engine optimisation

Our experienced developers consider more than just layout and website design. A well developed website will ensure that Google can index-, position- and promote it properly. A website that lists well on Google's SERPs needs very little pay-per-click assistance and that can amount to considerable savings in the long term.

Search engine marketing

That being said, Online Innovations do offer search engine marketing (SEM) and social media marketing (SMM) as a stand-alone services or as part of broader website marketing campaigns. Our knowledge and experience in SEM analysis and reporting will help you to promote your website by increasing your website's visibility on the search engines and social platforms.

E-Commerce specialists

Online Innovations can provide clients with a wealth of e-commerce experience and expertise to efficiently and professionally establish your business online.

Online Innovations are able to provide businesses with a comprehensive e-commerce solution that incorporates the latest technology and design principles and can deliver from open-source solutions for start-ups to the most complex of enterprise e-business solutions - making recommendations that meet their objectives best.

E-Commerce case study

e Commerce case studySee what we have done for Cousins DVD and other e Commerce customers.


e-Commerce in Port Elizabeth

Although based in Port Elizabeth, we have many customers outside of the Eastern Cape. Online Innovations service customers in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town and have international customers in the United Kingdom and Europe.

e-Commerce key performance areas

Online Innovations is an e-commerce software development company specializing in consulting, web development, integration, website design, shipping solutions and internet marketing.

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Websites first!

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