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Design Co - Graphic, Web design, Multimedia Production, Social Media
Website design, development, seo, sem, social media and web consulting services Port Elizabeth
Web consulting services
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Graphic design

Web design, graphic design and website design Online Innovations' designers are formally trained graphic design professionals - all of whose careers started at advertising and design agencies in the 1990s and at that time specialized in the more traditional brand media before becoming specialist designers of digital media like; web design, multimedia production and social media.

Advertising and design agency

In the past, web media came secondary to the company's conventional company brand media. Their website and social media was designed around a long established corporate identity that had taken many years of refining and a considerable capital investment.

Nowadays, especially with startups, the design and setup of the companies' web infrastructure takes priority - a carefully planned and well executed web strategy can have a fantastic reach at a very low investment.

As a result we have broadened our offering by including corporate identity and brand activation to suite our customers needs. We offer a wide range of graphic design services to including the production of corporate identity manuals and the design of; brochures, flyers, posters, adverts, booklets, banners, logo design and more.

Mobile and desktop website design

For Online Innovations the process of web design is much broader than just the visual effect of a website - and comprises the planning, production, research, advertising, as well as the integration of other graphic media like video, multimedia production and social media.

Webpage layout design

Good webpage layout and website design considers the users' browser and user interface and comes from a sound understanding of the industries most preferred and best practices. Our website design experience enables us to advise on- and design websites (desktop and mobile) that are geared for this majority but will however scale and cater for those users either side of the norm.

W3C code quality

W3C standards relate to the correct layout of web pages for readability as well making sure that the coded elements are marked up and labeled correctly.

We take great pride in our design team's understanding of HTML and CCS, and design our websites to conform to the W3C standards. By focusing on making it our standard practice to conform to these strict W3C standards our websites are less error prone and more- useable and search engine friendly.

Visual and graphic website design

Just like fashion, website trends are ever changing. Our design team spends a huge amount of their time on the internet, identify what is appealing to and working for the larger audiences.

This research translates to how we balance the aesthetics and overall web page design with the website's content ensuring that our websites not only look super but users can navigate and find information easily.

User experience design

When designing a website the challenge is on balancing aesthetics and a more universal use and ease of access to accommodate as many users as possible regardless of user skill. Our primary focuses when designing webpage layouts are ensuring that they are intuitive, easy to understand and clearly labeled.

Multimedia design and production

Multimedia design and production Our multimedia designers have expert knowledge in Adobe graphic, video and multimedia applications and possess a critical eye to the visual nature of digital media.

By merging experience, expertise, graphics, animations, audio and video we can produce multimedia elements that trigger attention to a greater degree, bringing life to your brand, products and services, enabling you to give prospects an in-depth look at your company or brand.

Online Innovations provide several design and multimedia development options which can help to promote your business or compliment your website:

  • Animation
  • Screensavers
  • Presentations
  • Interactive product demonstrations
  • Computer based training
  • Interactive brochures
  • 360 degree panoramics
  • Streaming video
  • Online video presentations

Social media design

Social media design Facebook, Twitter and many of Google's services offer superb media to market and promote your business. Highly effective as a stand-alone micro website or fully integrated with your existing website these tools serve as a powerful and rapidly expanding marketing channel with massive potential.

Our comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of these social networking services, allows us to advise you on and implement strategies that will meet your social media or social networking objectives.

Social Media Optimisation

Web and graphic design specialists

By integrating graphic design, multimedia, social media and development, our website design and development teams, can bringing life to your products, services and brand - enabling you to give prospects an in-depth look at your company by-way-of engaging functional websites and supporting media.


Design in Port Elizabeth

Although based in Port Elizabeth, we have many customers outside of the Eastern Cape. Online Innovations service customers in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town and have international customers in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Design key performance areas

Online Innovations is a design company specializing in website design, graphic design, social media design, multimedia production, multimedia design, web design and web development.

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Websites first!

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